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Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

The department of Computer Science and Engineering is committed to the cause of growth and advancement. Its vision is to impart best methods of education which lead to meaningful areas of research which will contribute to a better society.

The department was started in the year 2004 with the aim of providing students the latest trends in Computer Science and Engineering. The Department offers B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering and M.Tech in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Image Processing.

The Department has faculty members with both industry and academic experience. The courses offered by the department are intended to enable the students to grasp the basics of Software technology. The students are primarily trained here to leverage computer software and hardware efficiently.

The Department consists of Computer Programming Lab, Data Base Management System Lab, Operating System Lab, UML Lab, Multimedia/ VPT Lab, Compiler Design Lab, Computer Networking Lab, Advanced UNIX Programming Lab and Web Technology Lab. The licensed Software are ORACLE 10G, RATONROSE, TURBO CPP EDITOR, JAVA, WINDOWS, SYMANTIC ANTI-VIRUS and TURBO C.

Organizing seminars/workshops etc. is a regular feature of the department, besides regular participation of faculty members in such events in house and else where. The students of the department actively participate in the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Many of the alumni are holding key positions in reputed organizations within the country as well as abroad. The department has started the IEEE and CSI Student Chapters through which regular seminars, workshops etc are organized by the students.


Sl.No Name Desgination Faculty ID
1  Dr. C. RAMA SESHAGIRI RAO  Professor  3634-150428-100300
2  Mr. Lakpathi gugulothu  Associate Professor  91150402-151729
3  Mr. ASHOK KUMAR KONDRA  Associate Professor  83150402-155728
4  Ms. SOUJANYA DARAVASTU  Assistant Professor  79150331-132824
5  Mr. Jagadeshwar podishatti  Assistant Professor  95150407-095117
6  Ms. Chandra Anusha  Assistant Professor  1912-150414-135519
7  Ms. TAVANYA GUNDA  Others  0776-150419-154237
8  Ms. Pagilla Geethanjali  Assistant Professor  4810-150419-200706
9  Ms. NAGA SUNEETHA  Assistant Professor  0158-150426-203558
10  Ms. VATTEPU PRAVALIKA  Assistant Professor  9492-160310-111216
11  Mr. TIGALA TUKARAM GOUD    3536-170129-084158
12  Ms. BURRA SWARNASRI  Assistant Professor  9743-170915-155406
13  Ms. SRUTHI ANNU  Assistant Professor  8811-170916-113032
14  Ms. TEKULA ASHWINI  Assistant Professor  1731-171011-130644
15  Ms. V. NAVYA SREE  Assistant Professor  4930-171207-122434
16  Ms. UMA MAHESHWARI DEEKONDA  Assistant Professor  2910-171213-125115
17  Ms. POREDDY MAMATHA  Assistant Professor  3321-171227-133802
18  Mr. SHANKAR GUGULOTHU  Assistant Professor  6660-180118-143400
19  Ms. SWATHI TIRUNAGARU  Assistant Professor  0833-150413-121641
20  Mr. RAMAVATH MAHENDER  Assistant Professor  8220-180110-112934
21  Mr. Vamshidhar Rao Avirineni  Associate Professor  0983-150411-170416
22  Ms. VARALAKSHMI DEVARAKONDA  Assistant Professor  0489-170210-194921
23  Ms. SWAPNAJAYANTHI ASHAMOLLA  Assistant Professor  1273-170211-133655
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