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Electronics & Communication Engineering

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

The department of ECE was started in 2004 right from the inception of the institute with 60 intake. Presently with 120 intake for B.Tech course, the department is successfully running two M.Tech courses, one in Embedded Systems and the other in VLSI System Design specializations.  The department has a team of well experienced, dynamic and highly qualified staff.

In order to disseminate knowledge, the department has been organizing a good number of short term courses and conferences from time to time. To provide very good practical training to the students, the department has set up many laboratories in various areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering with the state of art equipment and latest versions of software. 

The department consists of Microwaves Lab, VLSI Lab, IC and PDC Lab, E-CAD Lab (VHDL, VERILOG), Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Analog Communications Lab, Digital Communication Lab, Digital Signal and Image Processing Lab and Embedded Systems Lab. The licensed Software are Multi SIM, TINA-PRO, MATLAB, MATLAB TOOLS, DSP Software, TANNER TOOLS.

Research work in areas like VLSI, Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Wireless Communications have been taken up. 


Sl.No Name Desgination Faculty ID
1  Dr. RAMAVATH RAMESH BABU  Associate Professor  69150402-105714
2  Mr. LAXMAN PERIKA  Associate Professor  3961-150413-122636
3  Mr.MASTHAN BASHA SHAIK  Associate Professor  5569-150413-140826
4  Mr. SILIVERY VENKATA CHARY  Assistant Professor  8997-150413-162931
5  Ms. TATI PADMA  Assistant Professor  1477-150426-152037
6  Mr. GANTALA CHANDAR  Assistant Professor  3713-170121-123623
7  Mr. J. ANUJKUMAR  Assistant Professor  6664-170203-151942
8  Ms. PAPPULA KALPANA  Assistant Professor  0253-170204-160935
9  Mr. VADTHYA NAIK BABU  Assistant Professor  8682-170210-215310
10  Ms. Manaswini Chilukuri  Assistant Professor  0888-170521-162906
11  Ms. JYOTHI GOLLA  Assistant Professor  4118-170914-125832
12  Ms. VANI VARKALA  Assistant Professor  1234-170914-131426
13  Ms. KACKUMANU THANUSHA JOSEPH  Assistant Professor  1502-170916-130644
14  Ms. SRAVYA SRUTHI NAGABHIRAVA  Assistant Professor  9114-171011-151117
15  Ms. GOWNI RISHETHA  Assistant Professor  1789-171222-111201
16  Ms. CHENNOJU SREENIDHI SAI  Assistant Professor  3638-171222-113534
17  Mr. HAREESH DESAMALA  Assistant Professor  8770-171223-154740
18  Ms. BANAVATHU TRIVENI  Assistant Professor  1543-171227-080448
19  Ms. NEELAM PALLAVI  Associate Professor  71150406-114131
20  Mr. KIRAN KUMAR JUPALLY  Associate Professor  0841-150413-190143
21  Mr. SOMISETTY RAKESH  Assistant Professor  6492-170209-225520
22  Mr. KIRAN CHAND RAVI  Assistant Professor  5999-171227-183844
23  Ms. APPANI SHREYA  Assistant Professor  4679-180117-141751
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