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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

The department facilitates the student to pursue an undergraduate course and secure a Bachelor of Technology degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The faculty guide the students through the annals of this discipline which is multi-faceted covering various fields, to name a few, Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Electrical Measurements and Power Electronics.

The laboratories are well equipped and sufficiently staffed for the applications of the theories to satisfy the inquisitiveness of the student. Department consists of Electro Mechanics Lab, Network Lab and Control Systems Lab. The licensed software used is PSCAD.

The department initiates all student chapter activities of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – IEEE, which is a global authority on standardization of all aspects of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering. As part of this, a symposium named ‘CYNOSURE’ is conducted every year.


Sl.No Name Desgination Faculty ID
1  Mr. SATEESH SATEESH EMMADI  Associate Professor  26150403-172203
2  Mr. VANKUDOTHU BALU  Associate Professor  85150406-105025
3  Ms. SHRUTHI VENKATA MAKU  Assistant Professor  3256-150411-124923
4  Ms. Deepa Kethireddy  Assistant Professor  6602-150412-115959
5  Mr. RAJA SHEKAR SANEM  Assistant Professor  9656-160227-133515
6  Mr. NUNAVATH LAKSHMAN  Assistant Professor  1985-170210-222824
7  Mr.AMARARAPU VINODBABU  Assistant Professor  8651-170913-233208
8  Ms. SNEHA SUBNAVEES  Assistant Professor  5247-170914-111347
9  Ms. GORIGE HYMAVATHI  Assistant Professor  1194-170914-114555
10  Mr. Ballikura Ramesh  Assistant Professor  2815-160303-145532
11  Ms. JAKKA SWETHA  Assistant Professor  7699-151231-123227