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H & S

Department of Humanities & Sciences

The Department of H&S extends its services to all Core Engineering branches by providing strong knowledge in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The department has strong, dedicated and experienced faculties along with it is equipped with state of art facility in Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab and English Communication Language Lab.

English Communication Lab initiates various activities like Group Discussions, seminar presentations, conversation practice, Debates, quiz competitions, etc., to help the Engineering students improve their communication skills through most modern techniques.

Sl.No Name Desgination Faculty ID
1  Mr. RAMESH MEKALA  Associate Professor  0127-150409-222241
2  Ms. KATTA MANJULA  Assistant Professor  3438-160315-150942
3  Mr. S. SURESH   Assistant Professor  1717-170118-123908
4  Dr. YELURI NARAYANA RAO  Assistant Professor  9069-171108-221031
5  Ms. Sharada Sankati  Assistant Professor  0352-150408-102620
6 Mr. Ms. K SREE VASUDHA  Associate Professor  05150405-114156
7  Ms. NIRMALA MOLGARA  Associate Professor  5190-150410-100914
8  Ms. TANGEDA SILPA  Assistant Professor  2358-170916-125944
9  Ms. KATHI SUDHA MADHURI NAGA  Assistant Professor  7484-171012-130612
10  Ms. SRAVANTHI GOLLAPALLI  Assistant Professor  9781-150418-154119
11  Mr. SRINIVAS NALLAGONDA  Associate Professor  64150402-152336
12  Ms. DUDDALA LAXMI  Assistant Professor  0945-150411-123646
13  Ms. Pendem Saidulu  Assistant Professor  4721-160301-101936
14  Mr. BARLA SRISAILAM  Assistant Professor  0050-170210-224306
15  Mr. RAMKUMAR REDDY BOJJA  Associate Professor  7580-160307-123944
16  Ms. SHIVARANJANI CHILUKA  Assistant Professor  9350-150408-113554
17  Mr. GOLLA VENKATESHAM  Assistant Professor  3603-170916-135712
18  Ms. SAMA SHALINI  Assistant Professor  5051-180129-150126
19  Ms. RADHA REDDY MADDI  Associate Professor  7108-150411-102812
20  Ms. SHASHIKALA EDIGI  Physical Director  9603-180119-112455
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