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Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration was established in the year 2008.  The vision of the department is to strive to achieve excellence in management education & research. Its mission is to create ideas that deepen and advance the understanding of management and to develop innovative, principled, and insightful leaders who change the world. The department has been growing rapidly since its formation and has ambitious plans to expand further in terms of faculty and student numbers over the coming years. We have created an innovative academic culture that stresses cooperative teamwork and emphasises on new ideas and fresh perspectives.

The Department has full-time faculty in core management disciplines and  functional areas of management. Besides the regular curriculum, the students are also involved in co-curricular activities like inter business school competitions and are constantly interacting with the industry, thus strengthening their practical orientation and developing themselves into future business managers.

Sl.No Name Desgination Faculty ID
1  Dr. Kunamalla Ajay Kumar  Professor  81150402-112837
2  Ms. N. Mounika  Assistant Professor  5475-160311-150724
3  Ms. MODALA CHAITHANYA  Assistant Professor  5664-170120-132032
4  Ms. BHAVITHA VELAMAKURI  Assistant Professor  8028-171221-114344
5  Ms. PEDDI SHIREESHA  Assistant Professor  8118-171225-122734
6  Ms. KALUVA JYOTHI  Assistant Professor  8815-171227-152942
7  Ms. HYMAVATHI VOJJA  Assistant Professor  3210-171226-000514
8  Mr. M. KONDAL REDDY  Assistant Professor  8145-180208-153846
9  Ms. REENA KUMARI MESINENI  Assistant Professor  68150404-121545
10  Mr. SAMA SRIJAY  Assistant Professor  0033-160301-130442