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Jagruti:  Offers the following courses at the Undergraduate and the Post Graduate levels (in E.M).

Undergraduate Courses:

CBCS (Choice Based Credit System)
(3 Years / 6 Semesters)

Faculty of Science B.Sc.Faculty of CommerceFaculty of ManagementPost Graduate Courses 
  1. M.S.DS (Maths, Statistics and Data Science)
  2. M.P.Cs (Maths, Physics and Computer Science)
  3. M.S.Cs (Maths, Statistics and Computer Science
  4. M.E.Cs (Maths, Electronics and Computer Science


  1. B.Com(General)
  2. B.Com. [Computers Application]
  3. B.Com. [Hons]


  1. B.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration)


  1. M.Sc. [Computer Science]
  2. M.Sc. [Mathematics]
  3. M.Sc. [Electronics]
  4. M.B.A* (Master of Business Administration)





  • Admissions Procedure & Guidelines (College DOST Code: 11105 )
  • UG Courses:
  • Admissions to UG courses for all Degree Colleges in the state are made through DOST Telangana Government. For details log in to –
  • Eligibility Criteria:
  • The minimum qualification for admission to first year UG courses is a pass in the intermediate (10+2) conducted by the board of Intermediate education, Govt. of Telangana or any other examination recognized as equivalent.
  • Fees are as per the Convenor, DOST, Govt of Telangana
  • PG Courses:
  • Admissions to PG courses are made through CPGET  a common entrance test conducted by Osmania University in  June/ July.Fee as Prescribed by Osmania University.
  • Eligibility Criteria:
  • The minimum qualification for admission to first year PG courses is a pass in concerned UG Course of O.U. or any other examination recognized as equivalent.
  • Attendance
  • Students shall be required to put in a minimum attendance of 75% in each paper in theory and practical’s to be eligible for appearing at the University Examinations.
  • The students are advised to check their attendance every month with the college office & or
  • For Syllabus :


Fees are  fixed by the Convenor, DOST, Govt of Telangana

Faculty of Science B.Sc.

1.Maths, Statistics and Data Science
2.Maths, Physics and Computer Science
3.Maths, Physics and Computer Applications
4.Maths, Statistics and Computer Science
5.Maths, Electronics and Computer Science
6.Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Faculty of Commerce (B.Com)

1.B.Com (General)
2.B.Com (Computer Applications)
3.B.Com (Hons)

Faculty of Management Science

1.BBA (Bachelor Of Business Administration)

PG Courses (2 years with E/M)

1.M.Sc (Computer Science)OU Counseling Fee
2.M.Sc (Mathematics)OU Counseling Fee
3.M.Sc (Electronics)OU Counseling Fee
3.M.B.A* (Master of Business Administration)OU Counseling Fee

Note: Fees may be paid in two installments with prior permission.


Degree Courses

From I Year to II Year
Candidates who have pursued a regular course of study in the first year with backlogs not exceeding 50% of all papers in both semesters, are eligible for promotion to the Second year.

From II year to III year
Candidates who have pursued a regular course of study in the first and the second year with backlogs not exceeding 50% of all papers in all the I year semesters and II year semesters put together are eligible for promotion to the final year.

Students shall be required to put in a minimum attendance of 75% in each paper in theory and practicals to be eligible for appearing at the University Examinations.

The students are advised to check their attendance every month with the college office. A consolidated list of students with insufficient attendance will be put up on the notice board every month. Parents will also be informed of such cases.


A Checklist for Admissions

  • The candidates should fill in the application forms in their own hand writing.
  • Candidates should fill in a separate application form for each group.
  • Admissions will be governed by the rules and regulations of Osmania University in force.
  • Candidates should submit their application forms enclosing one xerox copy each of the following certificates.
  • Memorandum of marks of Intermediate or its equivalent.
  1. Transfer Certificate (T.C.) from the Institution where the candidate has last studied.
  2. Date of Birth Certificate / S.S.C. memorandum of marks.
  3. Migration Certificate of students coming from Boards / Universities other than the Board of Intermediate Education, A.P.
  4. Bonafide Certificate.
  5. Income Certificate of the parent /guardian where applicable.
  6. Nativity Certificate from the Mandal Revenue Officer where applicable.
  7. Cast or Commmunity Certificate from an officer, not below the rank of M.R.O where applicable.
  8. Application must be registered with the college on or before the stipulated date announced by Osmania University.
  • Candidates belonging to other Boards / Universities should pay Rs.25/- towards processing of their migration certificates and should also produce their migration certificates in ORIGINAL at the time of admission.
  • Admission of Foreign Students shall be entertained only on the recommendation of Osmania University.
  • A provisional list of candidates selected for admission will be displayed on the college notice board and no other intimation will be sent. All admissions are provisional.
  • Selected candidates should appear for a personal interview with the Principal in the college with all the original certificates before the last date of payment of fees.
  • The college fees has to be paid in full at the time of admission. However, the fee may be paid in two installments with prior permission.
  • All the University fees will be paid by the students only.
  • All the Original Certificates must be submitted at the time of admissions
  • The college reserves the right to cancel the admission of a candidate at any stage, if it is detected that the admission is against the rules and regulations of the University.
  • Laboratory and library deposits paid by the students will be refunded to them provided they are claimed within a period of three months in the year in which they fall due. (i.e. after the completion of the course).
  • Optional Subjects and the Second Language once selected by the candidate cannot be changed after the closing date of admission declared by Osmania University.
  • Students should carry their Identity Cards with them and produce them on demand by the authorities.
  • All Courses offered are subject to the affiliation of Osmania University and permission/recognition of the Govt. of A.P.
  • The fees mentioned for all courses is subject to periodic revision.

Fees from the selected candidates will be accepted in CASH/ by DEMAND DRAFT in the college office.

Cancellation of Admissions
It has been observed that many students apply for the cancellation of their admission, on obtaining a seat in a regular college. The college management would be happy to help such students, but they would be required to pay the total fees for that academic year whether the student has attended any class or not.

Those students who have been permitted to pay their fees in instalments are required to clear the balance of the total payment due, prior to cancellation of their admission.

If a student cancels his/her admission at the end of the first year he/she is entitled to get back his/her certificates.

If he /she fails to do so, he/she is deemed to be continuing in the second year and later on if he/she wants to discontinue, he/she will have to pay the full fees for the second year whether he/she has attended any class or not. The same is applied for all 3 years.

Discipline and Conduct

  • The Principal shall have complete powers over the maintenance of discipline in the college.
  • The Principal may impose a fine , suspend or expel a student from the college in case of indiscipline or violent misbehavior or gross insubordination and violation of college rules and regulations.
  • A student who is irregular to the class is liable to forfeit his claim towards (a) Scholarships (b) other concessions like Railway and Bus passes (c) eligibility to represent the College / University in sports and games.
  • The Principal may discontinue or cancel Scholarships or any Financial aid to a student on grounds of irregularity or indiscipline or indecent behavior.
  • The Principal will generally keep informed the parents or guardians of students who are academically backward and who do not regularly attend the classes or pay the fees etc.
  • The students found incorrigible even after three warnings, will be removed from the rolls of the college.
  • Any derogatory action or misconduct by a student outside the college campus that is likely to mar the reputation of the Institution will be viewed seriously and punishment will be given by the Principal according to the nature and seriousness of the offence.
  • In case of indiscipline of the students, the Principal will contact the parents and request them to correct their erring wards. Failure to do so by the parent will result in the expulsion of the student from the college.
  • Parents are required to keep in touch with the Principal regularly and keep themselves informed regarding the progress, punctuality and regularity in attendance of their wards.
  • Students are expected to keep the college campus neat and clean. Writing on the walls and damaging the college property is prohibited. Strict silence should be observed in the college premises. The cost of damaged property will be recovered from the student after enquiry and identification of the person responsible.
  • Students are required to maintain discipline and silence in the class rooms and avoid disturbing the classes.
  • The students should be polite and courteous to the teaching and office staff. They should not use indecent language with their fellow students or the college staff.
  • Smoking and chewing pan are strictly prohibited inside the college campus. Spitting on the walls will be considered as indecent conduct and hence punishable.
  • Bringing outsiders into the college premises without obtaining prior permission from the Principal is deemed to be misconduct.
  • Students involved in violent clashes in and around the college will attract severe punishment. Students are warned that such disorderly behavior may ruin their career.
  • Organising any activity without permission from the Principal in writing constitutes misconduct.
  • The hall-ticket for the University Exams will be issued to the student only after he/she submits a no dues certificate, signed by all the authorities concerned.

All library books have to be returned for obtaining no dues clearance from library, unless the Principal permits retention of books on some specific conditions.

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